Code Breakers (C#, Unity 2020)

Code Breakers is a timed based game in which you are stranded on a space vessel that is about to explode. The goal of the game is to find all the missing batteries to your escape pod before you go down with the ship!

  • Gameplay – First person point of view, with various puzzles that test your memory and skills.
  • Gameplay Programmer for most of the mechanic and puzzles.
  • 2D Artist for all of the UI assets including: main menu sprites, identification cards, and background UI.

Parzival (C#, Unity 2018)

Parzival throws you into a role of a young boy who has found himself in an impossible situation. He has to traverse his way through various obstacles, as well as defeat bosses along the way. At the end of the day, this boy will stop at nothing just to get back home to play his video games.

  • Lead Programmer for the project, which included: player movement and health, shooting mechanics, boss movement and health, scene transitions and respawning.
  • Lead Artist for the character and its animations, Octo Boss and animations, Poseidon Boss and fish animations, and scene art.

Fowl Play (C#, Unity 2019)

In Fowl Play you play as a young man named Nolan, whos chickens just got stolen from your arch-nemesis Yifan. Throughout your adventures you fight enemies, collect items, and level up your skills.

  • As Lead Programmer for this project, I created: a shop and inventory system, player movement, player health and enemy health systems, NPC dialog and movement, boss battle, and pickup and level up mechanics.
  • I implemented all the 2D artists assets, as well as animated them, and created cutscenes.

Other Projects

  • GMU Data Breach (C#, Unity 2020)
  • Maidens Terror (C++, SDL Libraries)
  • Alone (C#, Unity 2020)
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